I was going to write about songs and memories. How my most vivid memories are, more often than not ,connected to songs.


Even though I’ve never made actual plans to go to New York, I had known for a while that when I am there someday, I MUST take a yellow cab, wind down the windows, stick my head out and have the Empire State of Mind blasting in my ears.

Well, that was before my plane was delayed and stuck on the runway for four hours. Before I found out that I had to pay 108 bucks for a week of data (cause they only had this one single monthly plan). Before I joined the incredibly long queue for a cab. Before I got kinda frightened by the cab driver who slammed his hand on the seat constantly for no reason (frustrated at bad traffic?).

Yes I did blast the song, no I didn’t wind the windows down with my head stuck out cause we were stuck in awful traffic and it was raining. Speaking of which, it rained the day I arrive and the day I left.

But I do like this shot quite a bit.

Rainy day in New York

And this made me think of the galaxy far far away.

Traffic on a rainy day in New York

So, I was listening to a Hawaiian party song playlist on Grooveshark which had Put the Lime in the Coconut. Somewhat silly, but guess what, that is going to be my must do if I end up in Hawaii one day. Haha.