Last year was an incredibly fruitful travel year for me. Most of which are solo business trips. Not the first time I’ve traveled solo for business but these trips have definitely trained me to be more independent then ever.

I’m usually not one to talk to strangers (my mom taught me too well) but after being alone for more than a week, I was actually more than happy to share a pizza with a complete stranger whom I am now Facebook friends with. Hurhur.

Anyway, being in NYC, of course I had to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for pizza at Grimaldi’s! Plus it was a gorgeous clear blue sky kind of day, pretty rare for NYC in December. :D

Shots of Brooklyn Bridge.

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

The skyline of New York City.

Skyline of New York City from Brooklyn

Stopping for pizza at Grimaldi’s! In the past, I would have rather skip meals or get takeouts than to sit alone in a restaurant for dinner. Now, I can easily sit down and observe people while enjoying my meal. Yes, without using my phone. Well, at least when I’m overseas. I guess this is what people call growing up?

Grimaldi's at Brooklyn, New York

Super awesome pepperoni pizza and my favorite black cherry soda! I don’t see this soda anywhere in Singapore. :( Anyway, Grimaldi’s doesn’t serve single slices of pizza and one is pretty huge. That was how became Facebook friends. We actually came up with a pretty ridiculous story over coffee on how we met which I was suppose to blog about but that was 6 months ago and I can no longer recall our conversation. Hurhur.

Grimaldi's at Brooklyn, New York

Panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Panoramic shot of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Photos taken with my trusty iPhone 4S. Having a smart phone has definitely made me lazy cause I no longer bother to bring my camera out.

Missing NYC.

On a side note, every time I check out #hammerhead on instagram, my heart breaks a little seeing photos of people posing with the baby hammerheads they’ve caught. I can only hope that they return them back to the sea after taking shots. </3