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June 2013

Sunset at Battery Park

Usually when traveling alone, I make it a point to head back before the sky turns dark. However, NYC in December didn’t really give me much of a choice. Sunset was at about 4pm daily then.

Was walking along Wall Street, taking a shot of the bull when I caught a glimpse of the sunset at the end of the street. So drawn to it I practically ran down the street, across the road and around the fence (renovations -.-) despite my aching legs.

Definitely worth run. Sunset with the (tiny) Statue of Liberty in the background.

Sunset at Battery Park, New York City

Sunset at Battery Park, New York City

There is actually a guy in the above photo, I’m not even sure if I was aware of his presence when taking the shot as the park wasn’t very well lit. Yes I was a little scared. Not a fan of dark places.

Panoramic shot of the sunset at Battery Park.

Sunset at Battery Park, New York City

Shots taken using my (beloved but not that ideal in low light settings) iPhone 4S camera.

One of my favorite sunsets. :)


Pizza and black cherry soda at Brooklyn

Last year was an incredibly fruitful travel year for me. Most of which are solo business trips. Not the first time I’ve traveled solo for business but these trips have definitely trained me to be more independent then ever.

I’m usually not one to talk to strangers (my mom taught me too well) but after being alone for more than a week, I was actually more than happy to share a pizza with a complete stranger whom I am now Facebook friends with. Hurhur.

Anyway, being in NYC, of course I had to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for pizza at Grimaldi’s! Plus it was a gorgeous clear blue sky kind of day, pretty rare for NYC in December. :D

Shots of Brooklyn Bridge.

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

The skyline of New York City.

Skyline of New York City from Brooklyn

Stopping for pizza at Grimaldi’s! In the past, I would have rather skip meals or get takeouts than to sit alone in a restaurant for dinner. Now, I can easily sit down and observe people while enjoying my meal. Yes, without using my phone. Well, at least when I’m overseas. I guess this is what people call growing up?

Grimaldi's at Brooklyn, New York

Super awesome pepperoni pizza and my favorite black cherry soda! I don’t see this soda anywhere in Singapore. :( Anyway, Grimaldi’s doesn’t serve single slices of pizza and one is pretty huge. That was how became Facebook friends. We actually came up with a pretty ridiculous story over coffee on how we met which I was suppose to blog about but that was 6 months ago and I can no longer recall our conversation. Hurhur.

Grimaldi's at Brooklyn, New York

Panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Panoramic shot of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Photos taken with my trusty iPhone 4S. Having a smart phone has definitely made me lazy cause I no longer bother to bring my camera out.

Missing NYC.

On a side note, every time I check out #hammerhead on instagram, my heart breaks a little seeing photos of people posing with the baby hammerheads they’ve caught. I can only hope that they return them back to the sea after taking shots. </3

Planned elopement to Santorini – the ceremony

Wedding in Santorini, Saint Irini Chapel

This is seriously, a dream come true for me.

Why Greece? Some time at the start of our relationship we were talking about the places we would love to go some day and Santorini came up. Shortly after, LF gave me a framed jigsaw of Mickey and Minnie in Santorini and we kinda agreed that Santorini was going to be our honeymoon destination.

So when LF proposed in December last year (one day before the said doomsday – how romantic), I excitedly started to for plan our honeymoon, not wedding. Hahaha. Since we were hoping to have a small ceremony and were already set on traveling to Greece, holding our wedding ceremony in Santorini was an easy decision to make (plus there was a sale going on at Emirates!).


Our ceremony was held at (the courtyard) by the Chapel of Saint Irini overlooking the gorgeous Aegean Sea. In all my excitement, I actually did not notice the chapel on that day itself.

Wedding at Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini, Aegean Sea

Our perfect wedding get up aka #OOTD (HA), not one we had planned for but through a series of (extremely) fortunate events. My dress and LF’s shirt was bought in Santorini (the white house), flowers picked from the backyard and bundled together by my parents, hat from Kamari and the veil handmade by the sweetest friend. :D

Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

Truly a day in white!

Wedding at Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

The ceremony was conducted in both Greek and English.

Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

Exchanging of rings. As you can tell, I was extremely happy. Hahahaha.

Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

You may now kiss the bride, if she manages to stop smiling. :P

Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

Signing of the papers. No turning back now as the pirate ship has left the dock and thus the victory sign. :P

Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

A shot with our guests and a toast to the newlyweds. Hurhur.

Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

Ended the ceremony with a wedding lunch at Pyrgos where we did a second walk in. Pretty much like the Chinese weddings in Singapore where the couple would do a second walk in with a change of clothes, we did ours with a change of head piece (for me).

Wedding lunch in Santorini, Pyrgos

It was truly an amazing day for me, having my dream come true, everything falling into place perfectly, the gorgeous set up, having my family with me and most importantly, marrying my soulmate. I was actually tearing and mumbling to LF about how perfect everything was as we marched in to a song I can’t recall now. :)

On a side note, we hired a wedding photographer whom covered the ceremony plus an hour photoshoot at Oia, so photos in this post are from our official photographer. Excluding the one we engaged, we actually had 6 photographers – our guests. All of whom were so busy snapping that only our wedding coordinator clapped when we marched in. That said, I very much prefer the photographs to the sound of clapping. :P


Wedding in Santorini, Chapel of Saint Irini

But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female.  

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.  So they are no longer two, but one.  

Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.          

Mark 10:6-9


Jack of all trades, master of none.

Not me. I’m definitely the master of procrastination. Not entirely sure what I’ve been doing but almost 6 months has flew past and I’m nowhere near my goals or saving the world (HAHA). Been procrastinating for the longest time simply because I can’t be bothered to edit my photos. And so, I’ve decided to simply abandon all attempts to edit (except the occasional auto enhance/crop). Whatever that gets the ball rolling right.

So Marmaris. Why Marmaris? Why not? I was searching on day trips out of Rhodes and Marmaris popped up, being just an hour ride out from Rhodes by ferry. Decided to spend a couple of nights there instead of just a day in hope of checking out the Turkish culture.

When in Marmaris, I absolutely had to… eat at McDonald’s. Part of my grand plan to eat at McDonald’s in every country that has McDonald’s. Speaking of which, I am extremely disappointed to find out that Vatican city does not have one. Back to Marmaris, how does one know if one has arrived at the city centre (with vague directions)? When you see a McDonald’s! Hahahaha.

The Turkish (healthy) breakfast special!


Marmaris is a port town located in Mugla Province where supposedly yachts worth more than 10 million can be found docked at the port. We couldn’t identify which but we did notice that 7 out of 10 traffic lights were not in service (due to repainting of crossing lines) though the drivers there were mostly really nice and would stop for us to cross most of the time.


A different kind of sea view. One where the sea doesn’t meet the sky.


After wading in the sea for like forever, I finally got my ass up, bought a towel & a float (WHAT) at the nearest store and braved the icy waters. I now understand why people there are such huge fans of the swimming in sea. The water is incredibly clear with super soft sand! It doesn’t look blue due to the black sand beach and while the sand is pretty coarse near the shore, it is SUPER soft as I wade further down. PLUS, the water is super calm and shallow for quite a distance with the orange balloons indicating deeper waters. Despite the cold, it was really pretty awesome.


No better way to warm up than having a cup of turkish tea, turkish pastry, which tastes awesome dipped in tea, and colorful flowers. :)


Our first cup didn’t come in the traditional turkish tea cup and saucer so off we went in search for more tea. I really did enjoy sitting down in the evening with a hot cup of tea BUT there were just too many chain smokers who go on stick after stick making it pretty unbearable for us.


And of course, turkish coffee from Panorama (recommended by lonely planet which I can’t figure out why) located at the old town! Was tempted to get this pretty little cup back for when we have guests over, which is never. So…


Another view of the port from the restaurant.20130617-201245.jpg

Had fun wandering around the gorgeous sloped alleys of the old town with absolutely no fear of getting lost. Because it was a really small town.




Was tempted to try getting a turkish bath but didn’t feel quite comfortable with the dim interiors.


There is definitely a lot more to Marmaris. Day trips to be taken, water sports and such but LF and I were actually pretty tired from moving around so we decided to take a break and simply do nothing.

Ending of with my one and only shot of Icmeler, which in my opinion, is pretty much the same as Marmaris but more costly.


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