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March 2013

Getting married in Greece..

Is a huge pain in the ass when it comes to getting the documents ready. Very much unlike tv shows with couples getting married on a whim while in a foreign country. Nope. Only in Vegas.

So we were forewarn by our wedding planner that it’ll be a huge hassle and costly for us to get married legally in Greece but we still decided to go ahead with it. Why not? It’s a once in a life time thing plus what’s the point of paying for a fake ceremony when you’ve already done it in your local country.

In case anyone is interested in getting married in Greece, you basically need just 3 documents (sounds simple I know):
– a copy of your passport
– a copy of your birth Certificate
– Single Status Certification

Both the birth certificate and the single status certification has to be endorsed by the MFA in your country, translated by the Greek Embassy or an accredited agency then stamped by the Greek Embassy.

We’ve just complete the above and will be sending them to our wedding planner to apply for a marriage license. BUT no, that’s not all. Upon arriving in Athens we’ll have to make a trip to the MFA in Greece plus our country embassies to certify our documents. More on that after we’ve gone through the process.

So why the hassle? Cause the bf is a Malaysian working in Singapore and has to make 2 trips to KL to get the documents.

Here’s the bf who had to fly to KL this morning and back in the evening.


My #ootd on an empty train! The trains in Singapore are very rarely empty.


And matchy accessories!


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

So despite the hassle, I am very much looking forward to fulfilling my dream of getting married to my soulmate in a foreign country.



Saint Malo, Brittany

Spent a couple of days at Saint Malo, a small walled coastal town in Brittany. Small but gorgeous. Pity it was way to cold for us to enjoy our time by the beach.

On a side note, I can’t wait to catch The Host this weekend! Been waiting for like forever!

So, gorgeous place, crazy weather with clear waters. We spent much of our time taking long (crazily cold) walks by the beach and hiding from the rain at the old town of Saint Malo.

Typical of the weather, dark clouds on one side, clear blue skies on the other. Alternating between rain and clear blue skies every 10 minutes or so.


So that you’ll get a clearer picture of the crazy weather, which also turn out to be a great shot.


Gorgeous view of the old town from the national fort.



The BF cranky (but still cute) from the cold and using his phone while I was happily picking sea shells by the sea shore.


The path to and fro the fort which disappears during high tide causing tourists to frantically wade their way back to town. I have more pictures, somewhere.



Stairway to heaven?


Loving old couple enjoying the view. :)


And, the BEST STEAK ever! Seriously. So good we went back again just for the steak! Had some seafood skewer previously which was pretty damn good too. I need some steak now.


And that’s that.

The girl with (partial) pink hair, finally

I’ve always wanted pink hair. Always. Thus the title of the blog.

There was of course, 1001 reasons for me to not do so.

I didn’t want to ruin my hair.
My work wouldn’t allow me to have pink hair.
What if it doesn’t suit me.
It is incredibly expensive.
I don’t think pink goes well with my skin tone.

And what not.

Yesterday, I felt really pleased with my hair cut and decided to take the plunge (what plunge you say?). As it turns out, the 1001 reasons not to do so really didn’t matter at all.

I am incredibly happy with my (partial) pink hair and I feel absolutely blessed to be working for a company where I will not be judged for having pink hair.

This 24 hours of giddy happiness brought about by simply having pink hair (yes I’m that easily happy) made me wonder, what took me so long? Why did I spend years contemplating and wanting something which could be done easily and definitely within my means?

LF once said that he doesn’t understand why I always seem to restrain and limit myself. I don’t understand why either.

And so, I hereby lift all restraints I’ve subconsciously placed on myself (waves magic wand) and will now consciously make an effort to never stop doing things that make me happy.

What is the worse thing that could happen? If it is something I could live with, what’s stopping me then?

Point of this post? I am finally, the girl with (partial) pink hair.



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