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June 2012

Still on Eze Village

Getting around France had proved to be relatively easy. From our apartment in Nice, we took a tram to Vauban and again, missed the bus which would then take us to Eze.


We didn’t need help purchasing tram tickets but a young boy stepped in to help and we felt very much obligated to drop some coins in his cup. And so we wandered around the area and found cheap vending machines at a nearby university where we loitered around until it was time to make our way to the bus station.

Photos taken at Eze. One of the many shops selling colorful art.


Very much vandalized plant


Around the village



The view was amazing, this taken through the fence at the end of the cemetery.


Paid 6 euros (or was it 12?) each to enter Jardin Botanique d’Eze at the highest point of the village. Completely worth it despite my lack of interest in plants, specifically catus.

Here’s why. The view on my left right after the entrance.

I would definitely love to stay at Eze if I had the time and money. Also noting that Walt Disney had spent a significant amount of time there (Wikipedia)




The viaduct of Eze, the bridge of the devil.


Eze is seriously so beautiful. I’ve too many shots I can’t resist sharing so I’m gonna break this post into 2.

Meanwhile ending with a shot of the merging sea and sky. I can hardly tell where one ends and where the other begins.



Eze Village

It’s been while since I’ve returned from France and I’ve not blogged since then. It truly takes discipline (of which I’ve none) to maintain a blog while holding a full time job.

The initial plan was to quit my job, travel for a while and see where life takes me. But like all my past plans, it fell through. Throughout my 2 months notice, I had to fight my financial worries, the urge to find another job and keep myself convinced that everything was gonna work out just fine. All went well, till I heard of this awesome opportunity and scored an interview on my last day of work. And so, major changes were made, travel plans were brought forward and shortened. Till date, I’ve been with my current place for 7 weeks and I’m loving every minute of it.

Now that I’m settled, its time I continue my attempts to record my trips.

Eze village, one of the most beautiful place we had encountered on this trip.

My favorite photo taken at Eze.


And it’s bedtime.

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