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January 2012

Celebrating the Chinese New Year with angry birds

I love Chinese New Year. The annual affair filled with awesome food, family time and the opportunity to meet up with my relatives. Most of whom, I only see once a year. Well, here’s where it gets a little awkward for me. Though I love the idea of seeing them and being in their presence, I’m actually not too keen on socializing with them.

Anyway, this year, somehow the theme was angry birds. So here you see, a table filled with angry birds plushies.


Which were then cleared away as the kids needed their coolest playpen ever.


My super cute chubby cheeks nephew whom I met for the first time with wig from last year’s clown theme.


Time for the annual sisters shot. This year, in accordance to the theme, they decided to pose/act as angry birds.


Cousin having a good laugh at their crazy antics while baby Jylan found it all too noisy.


Following that was the attack of the angry birds on baby Jvan.


Exhausted from the battle.


And that, my friends, is how I spent the first day of the Chinese New Year with angry birds. Hurhur.


Only fools make resolutions

I read somewhere once, that only fools made resolutions. Resolutions I shall not make then.

But I should really make an effort to dress up. Was reading a couple of blogs on Japan and they all look so damn good whereas I, when in cold countries, look exactly the same everyday in my jacket and boots. -.-

And so, this post will not be on resolutions but on my Japan trip one year ago. Hahahahaha. The land of awesome food. Seriously can’t recall a meal which I didn’t enjoy.

Transited in HK and touched down at an unearthly hour in Kansai. Since we weren’t gonna be able to check in to our  that early, we decided to check out the Marble Beach one stop away from the airport at Rinku Town Station.

No one else in the train but us and our huge pink luggage.

Alighted at Rinku Town Station

Popped by the convenience store for food and drinks with the plan to have a little picnic by the beach. Super awesome and damn freaking cheap fried chicken.

The beautiful park en route to the marble beach.

Love the colours.

Freezing cold.

Marble Beach. Kinda disappointing, though I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Too cold for an outdoor picnic so we stopped by a bakery instead.

Dumped our luggage at the hotel and off we went to explore our surroundings.

New Year ornaments which reminded me of this dog like thingy we say on a hill in Phuket!

And of course, Mcdees for lunch.

Long, tall and cool. That’s LF! =P

No more excuses

I could come up with 1001 excuses or even reasons to put this off once again.

But not this time, no more excuses.

Be brave. Take risks. Allow the unexpected.

Doha Tribecca Film Festival 2011

One of my trips to Qatar actually coincide with the annual Doha Tribecca Film Festival held at Katara Cultural Village so we decided to make a trip down to check it out.

Dinner at my all time fav Rotana to avoid the crowd/jam before heading down to Katara. Super awesome grilled fish, corn soup and chilli!

Instead of joining the crowd (was there any?) at the red carpet, we arrived only after the showing of Black Gold had started. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any tickets.

The grand entrance to the amphitheatre. I can totally imagine how the scene would unfold in ancient Egypt days, trumpets blowing, servants dragging the heavy doors open as the Pharaoh arrives in his golden chariot pulled by 2 beautiful black stallions. Hurhur.

Through the doors into the super cool amphitheater constructed like those in ancient Rome to amplify sounds from the centre naturally. Boss tried singing some weird unknown song in the middle while I was at the top row and it works! Super cool!

A local couple on a date.

Obvious discrimination against black pigeons. Was told by the locals that only white pigeons are allowed in these pigeon towers and the black ones would be shot. Not sure how true that is.

Man made beach with pretty lightings. It costs 100QR just to hang out on the beach.

Super cool open air, air conditioned cafe!

Cupcakes from Red Velvet made specially for the occasion.

Expensive peanut butter cupcake with superb service from the staff.

Some other photos taken in Qatar.

A rare sight, clouds in the sky, so low it cast a shadow on the desert.

The last sunset I saw on that trip. Super pretty.

This is what friends do when you can’t be bothered to wash your car.


Dinner at Turkey Central. Awesome food. Love the food in Qatar! =D

Traveling through words

Just completed my third book on North Korea, The Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag by Kang Chol-Hwan. Similar to The Road of Lost Innocence, Kang Chol-Hwan gives a first hand account of his experience in North Korea as a child, having lived in a camp for 10 years and after, his escape through China to South Korea. It is really more of an informative read rather than a compelling one. I did like the short introduction on how the situation in North Korea came to be at the beginning of the book.

My second read on North Korea was Somewhere Inside, by Laura Ling and Lisa Ling. A journalist who was arrested at the borders of North Korea, on China’s ground and her sister’s fight for her freedom. Brings about a whole new perspective to journalists and the increasing journalist arrests in recent years. Though the book wasn’t exactly about life in North Korea per say.

The first and by far the best, is still, Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick which was very well written, both informative and compelling. If you’re looking for a light read to widen your knowledge on North Korea, Nothing to Envy would be a great book to start with. Though I might be slightly biased towards it since it was the first book on North Korea that I’ve read and thus everything was new and interesting to me. Still, awesome read.

Pretty curious whats gonna happen North Korea now. Either way, its not gonna be pretty, at least in the short term.

That said, after 3 books on North Korea, its time for me to move on.

Like what the bf says, its like traveling through words. A different form of traveling. Next destination, Heaven. Heaven is for Real.

With the help of Goodreads, I’ve set a target to complete 100 books in 2012. 1 down and 99 to go. =D

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