After being accustom to living in a treehouse, we soon had to return back to reality. Trek back was a lot easier as we knew what to expect although the road back was a lot muddier with leeches like every where. Spent the entire day traveling, trek back to base camp, lorry tuk tuk ride to Ban Don Chai then to Houay Xay. In Laos they have the bigger version of the tuk tuk using a lorry instead of a motorcycle.

Squashed but happy =D


Road to Houay Xay.20110902-125415.jpg

Villages along the way by the road.


Got our boat tickets to cross over to Chiang Rai. It was so easy to miss both customs office and end up as an illegal immigrant.



Bade Laos goodbye.


Hello Chiang Rai, which is apparently too dangerous to stay for the night.



Extremely dirty butts from the treehouse stay.



Too good to be true. Spotted a bubble tea stall at on of the stops on the way to Chiang Mai, took a sip and that was it. It didn’t even taste of tea. Had super cheap and yummy lok lok though.




The kind of houses I used to draw as a kid.20110902-125603.jpg


Arrived in Chiang Mai at around 9pm and managed to locate our hostel/hotel with slight difficulty carrying our heavy backpacks. Wandered around a bit at the night market, ate MCD after 11 long days without fast food, without meet for 3 days, before calling it a night. Decided to meet at 12pm the next day as we all thought we deserved a good night sleep. As it turned out, we were so used to waking when the sun was up that by 8am, all of us were up.

Meng and Long decided to ride around while Tam and I got a cheap manicure and pedicure.20110902-125612.jpg


There really wasn’t much to do in Chiang Mai as no research was done and we wanted to be well rested before returning to Singapore. Spent some time in one of the many second hand bookshops laughing at silly book titles and walking around aimlessly.







And this marks the end of my very first backpacking trip. Truly awesome. =D