Had an amazing dinner by the river watching the sky turn dark as the weather got really cold.

Took the overnight bus to Luang Prabang, van actually. It was really exciting as the van went up, down and around mountains in complete darkness. There were lone stalls selling fruits in the darkness under a single bulb near villages and the drivers would occasionally stop to buy watermelons or just chat with them. Stopped at a deserted petrol kiosk to pee and while we were standing outside the van enjoying the cold weather, lightning struck really close to us and the place literally lit up in a split second causing Meng and I to squat down before running back to the van in the same second. Tam and Long were like WTF. Hahahahahaha. Halfway through the driver suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere, and in complete darkness, switched off the headlights and engine and took a nap. Kinda freaked me out a bit since I’m not exactly a fan of darkness, GG got me through though. Hurhur.

Day 5 in Laos, Luang Prabang, 18 April 2011.

Reached our guesthouse at like 4 or 5am and the people were nice enough to let us have a room to rest till the rooms we paid for was ready. Got traumatized by the lizard struggling in the toilet bowl when I flushed after I peed. Lesson number 2, always check the toilet bowl before use. Wth.

Thongbay Guesthouse. Best room service. =D


Went out quietly at dawn to take photos of the sunrise, no such luck. Went back to squeeze on the bed that four of us shared and waited for the rest to wake up.

GF oozing her usual coolness in extreme heat. Hahahaha.


Wandering the streets.


Temple on streets. Where people were queuing to go up a platform to pour water down a pipe where the water is being poured on a statue right in the middle


More birds, more luck. Wanted to free one for smelly, symbolic action, so Long did it on my behalf.


Climbed a crazy amount of steps to reach the top.



Note the tiny drawing of an angel on the lower left hand corner above the 3 roofs. Hurhur.



Had “tea” by the Mekong River, a supposedly super relaxing experience. Totally lost my appetite at the first dish, papaya salad, which caused all of us to be traumatized by its “long gao” taste. Seeing the photo brings back horrible memories! *Puke* Though Tam loves the maggi sauce she and Meng are smiling at in the photo. Hahahaha.


The backpackers’ room. Clothes hanging to dry on the bed posts.


Awesome room service to make up for the horrible food by the river.20110802-094830.jpg

Ordering breakfast for the next day by just writing down your order and the time you want it to be served by your room number. =D


Day 6 in Laos, Luang Prabang, 19 April 2011.

Woke up early next morning to view the completely commercialized daily highlight of Laos.20110802-095035.jpg