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September 2010

In love..

With Kate Spade <3

It started with just her bags. Then I saw this dress!

Its the details! The bow prints of the dress. <3 <3

Can be considered as my wedding dress. Bet its expensive enough. Hahaha. Dream wedding plus dream wedding dress.

Dresscode will be hot pink and black. LF can wear a black suit with a hot pink bow tie. Bridesmaids will be in hot pink with black bows. =D

Off to bed..


My current dream wedding

Note current, since the dream keeps changing each time I see something new.

Anyway, my current dream wedding is to bungee jump wearing this boots together with a long white maxi

Insanely pretty! And totally not practical in Singapore -.-


Would you rather know when your last day on earth will be or live oblivion till it comes when it comes?

Teared a lil reading The Time Traveller’s Wife again, especially the part when Clare rushed down to the museum but was only able to see him as they both tried to close the distance between them, yet it was too late. Just that one look, not being able to touch and to feel.

Why is life so unpredictable and fragile? How much time do we all have left? How much is enough? How do we just leave the people we love behind? How do we deal with the demise of the people we love? How do you live the rest of your live knowing that you will never see them, hear them and touch them again?

Am I now afraid to die?

Being apart from LF makes me feel incomplete. Like a part of me is missing. I know its silly since we’re only gonna be apart for 2 weeks but that’s just how it feels. If 2 weeks feels this bad, I can’t imagine the worst. Though this isn’t the first time we’ve been apart. Qatar was different, my mind was so messed up by politics at work that by the end of the day, I was too exhausted to even feel anything. Plus, I wasn’t reading anything emo.

It scares me. Not knowing when is the last.

Live each day as if its your last.

Well if it is my last, I would obviously not go to work.

15 more days till LF is back. Till then, I shall not read any emo books. =X


Cultural differences

Just this year, I started to follow an increasing number of Malaysian bloggers whom are apparently all pretty famous. Weird, since I’ve never heard of them before this year. Am I attracted to Malaysians now that I’m attached to a Malaysian? =X It amazes me how different we can be when we’re just separated by a causeway. Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Before this year, I thought everyones’ thinking was more or less the same. Our lifestyles and thoughts. Despite hearing loads about how relax life could be in other countries, I just couldn’t imagine it any different from what I’m going thru. Yet after reading, listening and hanging out with some of LF’s friends, I realized how different we were, living just across the causeway.

Here, we’ve been sheltered all our lives.. or at least, the first 20 years of our lives. From young, we’ve been told to study hard, find a stable job, marry someone good and live happily ever after. Much emphasis was placed on any other things besides our studies. We’re often rewarded with toys/sweets and whatever you wanted if you did well for a test/exam. We were constantly told that if we wanted a good life in future, we would have to study hard. Our lives for the first 20 years were all mapped out for us, there was nothing to think about, you complete primary school, move on to secondary school, JC/poly and then get your degree. After which, you then proceed to c..

Shit. Low batt. TBC.

Also, staying in Qatar for 2 months felt very much different. Despite working in a local company and hanging out with locals and Malaysians all the time.

Mistakes made

This year, I’ve made more mistakes then I’ve ever made before and learnt that thru mistakes we learn. =)

So much to say.. so lil energy left. =X

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