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August 2010

Guess who walk with me today

Guess who walked with me today

Yesterday, someone walked with me

But somehow, I missed his presence I awoke as usual and he was right beside me

But I rushed off to prepare for the day

As I was off to work, he was right there to lead the way

But my eyes were on other things and my ears did not hear his voice

When things got tough, he held out his hand to guide me along

But I thought I could do things better on my own

When I was down and low, he held out his arms to offer his comfort

But I just cried alone, not knowing how much he longed to hold me

When I had no choice but to carry on, he was there to tell me that everything’s gonna be okay

But I was so focused on me that I didn’t know he was there

As my day ended and I knew I had messed up, he was waiting with arms open wide so I could rest in his embrace

But instead, I turned on the computer and the television and continued to let the world take its place in my heart

Yesterday, someone was walking with me But I was too busy to even notice

Oh, how I must’ve broken his heart

Today, he walked with me again I opened my eyes and I knew he was there beside me

So with all my love, I greeted him, “Good morning, Lord. Thank you for this beautiful day!”

As I prepared to start my day, I knew that he was there to guide me

And I asked him to show me where he was working that I may join him

When I knew that I had failed him even after trying my best “Forgive me, Lord,” I prayed. “I’ll try harder next time and I’ll do it with your strength”

While walking down the corridors, I knew I wasn’t alone

So I held his hand as he held mine and we walked along together

When things didn’t always go as I planned, he was there to reassure me of his plans

And I felt the calm assurance that there was someone greater than me who had my life all planned out

When blessings came my way, even if they weren’t always how I expected them to be I counted every one and added each of them to my list of things to be thankful for.

He is the giver of all good things.

As my day drew to a close, I was tired and weary from the day’s troubles

But I gave it all to him cause he promised he would carry them for me and I simply rested in his presence

Guess who walked with me today.

And everyday. =)

Got this from a friend’s blog. Love it.


Thank you

The below account is for someone who thinks that her problems are too complex to solve and therefore feeling very lost and forsaken, something for her to note is that there will always be others who have had even tougher situations to overcome and did succeed so she should not give up on herself nor on others

Thank you. I’m glad your clowning paid off, that you have true friends surrounding you, that you’ve found true love and you’re happy now. :)

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