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May 2010

Work trip to Qatar

Despite being given the opportunity to travel to middle east for work, my blog has been filled with only complaints about work. And so, after being inspired by other interesting blogs, I’ve decided to blog a bit about my trip to Qatar.

My luggage half filled with food.

Here’s my room for the first trip up.

My first meal in Qatar, Turkish cai peng which sucked. =X

The ‘CBD’ area of Doha. They have really impressive buildings (which doesn’t appear so from the photo) but all half empty or totally deserted.

My ‘welcome’ drink, cocktail. Its a mixture of all kinds of fruits which tastes quite weird. Had to force it all down out of politeness.

Goodness. This is really boring. Shall blog about my only interesting experience there some time soon.

Meanwhile, more boring photos.

Nah. I give up.


Living in Qatar

Interesting (interesting being subjective) things I had encountered during my short stay in Qatar

1) There are no addresses in Qatar. the office address on the namecards goes something like this: C ring road, Business building, 2nd Floor, near Jaidah flyover. Made it kinda difficult and troublesome for deliveries and of course made me appreciative of the address system in Singapore which I’ve long taken for granted. :P

2) Its dangerous to fall down in summer as the floor is hot enough to burn your skin.

3) The working hours for Qataris are 8am to 12pm and 4pm to 8pm as 12pm to 4pm is generally too hot to work. Though in practice they usually only work 2 to 3 hours in the morning.

4) Wearing the abaya actually keeps the body cooler than wearing normal clothes.

5) Ladies are given priority at government agencies and do not need to queue. But of course, being a Singaporean, I’m too used to queuing.

6) The local men and women don’t get to know each other before marrige. A marriage proposal typically goes this way: “eh you have a sister? can I marry her?” And there you go, a marriage in the making.

7) Contrary to the information found online, Qatar is relatively modern and it’s fine wearing skirts that reveal your knees, sandals and sleeveless tops.

8 ) The number of trees in a person’s house reflects his wealth. Apparently it’s too costly to constantly water the plants. THOUGH the electrical/water bill is being paid for.

9) There’s no 6 piece nuggets meal, there’s only 9 piece nuggets at Macdonalds’.

10) No chilli sauce is given at fast food restaurants. Weird since people in the country seem to love spicy food.

11) Pavements are not strictly for pedestrians. Pavements are also used for parking, overtaking and u-turns. WTH.

12) Every accident has to be reported to the police. No repairs, major or minor can be done without a police report. Is this the same in SG?

13) Shops are closed during prayer times on Fridays and men are not allowed to enter shopping centres without a female accompanying. My colleague was rejected entry just when he really needed to pee. Lol.

14) All major supermarkets operate till 12am. Most shops close pretty late at around 11pm.

That’s all for now. :) :) :)

Miss seeing Audrey do the self stabbing action :P

Post post

At the airport waiting for my flight back home, I COMING HOME BABY!! =D =D =D

Listening to the tunes on my lappy feeling relatively relieved and of course eager to be home. =)

I did something rather unprofessional earlier on, I kinda regretted it but whats done is done. The next time something similar happens, I know I’ll handle it better. I will.

Anyway, that bloody incompetent asshole came to look for me while I was at the usual coffee hang out and requested to speak to me but I refused to even look at him. Okay I know my behavior is bloody childish but I just couldn’t bring myself to at that point of time. Like I said, I regretted it and I know I will handle it better next time.

Come on lah, you made a big fuss on my last day as your last struggle to keep me here and when you finally realized it was not working, you shoot my boss then shoot me cc-ing the whole world. I’m at the very edge now, I don’t know how much more I can handle from this project.

Of course, there’s a silver lining to every grey cloud. My silver lining, is LF. I’m honestly ever so thankful for him. Only you can see the good in me when I’m at my worst. I hated the EMO kid I was becoming, I hated how I couldn’t stop crying, hated how I could never control my emotions, hated the person I was becoming here. Through my every tear and every outburst, you were always there for me. Thank you. Thank you for always being there for me, for encouraging me and pushing me on. You don’t know how much it means to me, what you said to me today. It doesn’t really matter what the world may think of me, because you can see the best in me even when I’m down and out.

Thank you for being such an amazing bf =)

My mom sms-ed me earlier to see that she’s looking forward to me being home as it has been so quiet without me. Hurhur. See, I knew she missed me and my noisiness!

This trip has really brought out the worst in me, pushed my tolerance to its breaking point and tested my patience. I’ve worked with the nationalities I’ve never worked with before, struggled with their working styles while trying to understand their culture and encountered the worst work attitude ever. I’ve been made a sacrificial goat, saw the true colours of those I once thought were good and realized I had misjudged others. I’ve experience the level of politics I never knew existed, I’ve gave it my best shot, put in my best effort but still failed to get things done.

I learnt that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to but regardless, life still goes on. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I can only hope thats true.

Boarding in approximately 30 mins! =D

Till death do us part

Just completed reading ‘the girl with glass feet’. The ending was abrupt. A fairytale without a happily ever after. Didn’t like how the story progressed and how the author spent more than half the book creating the setting then sped through 4/5 of the story in the remaining half. And of course I didn’t like the ending.

Though he, I assume, did get the message across. To cherish, to love and to put aside all fears. For time waits for no man and no man can ever control life, and death in this case. A reminder to how unpredictable and fragile life can be. Its never NOT the time to give someone a hug, to tell your parents/love one you love them, to apologize and put an end to a cold war or even just to smile at whomever and whatever.

Randomly, I remember a time I was so happy I smiled at everyone and everything including dustbins.

You know, Harry Potter focused a lot about love too. Especially in the last book. So ultimately, will love conquer all?

Don’t you worry
Sometimes you’ve just gotta let it ride
The world is changing
Right before your eyes
Now I’ve found you
There’s no more emptiness inside
When we’re hungry

Love will keep us alive

Of course, when you’re tofus, you can always eat each other to stay alive.

Like McMayor. =X

Beauty sleep

Been pondering about this for awhile since I’ve been here. I have been told/read that the optimal time for ‘beauty sleep’ is between 11pm to 2am or 3am. Thats supposedly the best time for your body to rejuvenate. BUT, you see, what about time differences? Say now that I’m in Qatar, where it is 5 hours behind Singapore and 11pm here is 4am in Singapore. How does my body recognize that it is 11pm now? The tuning of my biological clock while I am here? Which leads me to conclude that its really the sleeping pattern, and not the timing, that determines an individual’s optimal time for beauty sleep. Say if I were to sleep at 2am every night and wake up at say, 9am, my body would then adapt to this cycle and then probably decide that the time to rejuvenate is 3am to 6am? Its a matter of how you tune your body clock to recognize the time it should rejuvenate the cells or whatever. And therefore, sleeping late is not the cause to all bodily illnesses or beauty problems, it is inconsistent sleep cycles.

Ooooh. I should like do some scientific research and then publish some papers on this. Hurhur.

I really miss BKK.

Second love of my life. If only I could marry McMayor and eat him up on our wedding night. Hurhur.

3 more days till I’m on my way home. Really looking forward. Can’t believe that I’ve been away from home for 1 full month! The longest ever. Now I’m staring at the dirty clothes at the end of my bed, grocery bags on the floor and my open luggage half filled with chocolates. Its a messy sight. I’m normally not that messy. Really. =X

I actually feel a teeny weeny bit of sadness, at leaving the people I’ve come to like. From strangers to friends.

Kim Yen who accompanies me anywhere I wanna go.

Audrey and her husband, would have died from boredom or hunger without them.

And this is Chris Poh and Chris Chan. You would think I was pointing a gun at them and not a camera. -.- Thought the both of them looked cute as they waited impatiently for us against each side of the wall, so I turned my camera lens towards them and their reactions were immediate. Both really nice despite their ‘cool’ outlook and today, I realized that Chris Poh is actually very responsible. Hurhur.

And of course, the rest whose little actions made my days here brighter, not forgetting the ones who gave me trouble which only made me stronger.


Till we meet again..

Which is, tomorrow, at the basement as we make our way to work. =P

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