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Not all that glitters is gold, not all who wander are lost


November 2009

Speaking of which..

Who can live without money?

When is it finally enough?

Money can’t buy you happiness. Perhaps flitting moments of happiness.

The joy derived from buying say, a luxury car, lasts about as long as it takes for you to see an even better car on the streets.

On the other hand, joy derived from helping someone lasts as long as your memory allows. The smile it brings to your face when think about it.

Love derived from money, having tons of girls throwing themselves at you brings about superficial happiness. Makes you look good on the outside and empty inside.

True love warms the heart, completes you and endures through time.

Endless hours spent in exchange for big bucks at the cost of love, friendship, kinship and enjoyment. Only when time is running out do you realize that, money cannot buy time.

I don’t deny the importance of money, but just how important is money?



Ooh. Apparently it isn’t published.

Watched 3 straight hours of the amazing show. And what made it great wasn’t just the dances. Think the producers and the video editors made a great difference. The way they managed to capture the essence of the show and portray each dancer’s journey in the show with their partner so well. And of course I think the judges were good, not that I know anything at all about dancing and it’s techniques.

Except of course Ms Canyoupleasestopscreamingdammit.

Honestly an awesome show!

Guess it also helped that for once I wasn’t too exhausted to enjoy watching tv :P

It’s only the start of my second day of the week and I’m already feeling tired. -.-

So looking forward to the end of tomorrow :P

Stop screaming woman!

So you think you can dance totally rocks!

Not that I’m a follower. It’s such a great show! Love the songs, love the dances, the actions, the dresses and Mia.

If only the quacking woman can just stop screaming! Wth.

Still loving the show :D

Here comes the rain again…

… falling from the stars.

Fully awake since September ended.

Work is getting increasingly frustrating. As much as I’m trying not to be a racist I can’t help but notice the common race of problematic employees.

I’m no longer able to speak nicely to assholes. Interesting since it was mentioned in my PA that I’m able to control my emotions and stay calm.

From where you see?

Heading home for online retail therapy. One must shop when one is frustrated at work.

Cny shopping starts now :D

Forgotten to change my shoes once again :x

First step to selling atas cookies at a premium

First baking session at Tam’s place yesterday. Guess it was more or less a success since we didn’t have to use the ready made cookie mix we bought as back up. Didn’t seem that difficult to bake edible cookies. We just have to work on baking cookies that look similar and the proportion of ingredients required. :p

499 more to go. Lol.

We’ve really grown up. Level up-ed.

Every decision we make has a great impact on ourselves. You don’t need me to tell you things you already know. Just remember to consider the long term consequences it may bring.

The first day without Grace

Adeptly named. God’s Grace she is.

Must admit I’m getting better at dealing with goodbyes. Knowing that it’s just the end of a working relationship not the end of a friendship. Pity good hires are never appreciated the right way. Pity that employers would rather pay a higher salary to an unknown than to keep someone proven.

Annual increments are generally capped at 5% for many companies yet they are willing to hire someone in at 15 to 20% higher then what they’re currently getting. Choosing the unknown over the proven.

For reasons I can’t comprehend.

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